NOBO lukollinen ilmoitustaulu ulkokäyttöön 8xA4



Nobo 1902579, 692 mm, 972 mm, 45 mm, 13,7 kg, 732 mm, 1012 mm



308,76 €

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The Nobo lockable, wall-mounted, magnetic dry-wipe case is the practical yet stylish solution for creating eye-catching displays and messages for customers and the public, whilst keeping your information in pristine condition and free from tampering.

Designed for outdoor use, it features a contemporary aluminium frame, magnetic whiteboard lining, hinged glazed door and weatherproof silicon seals to protect your documents. You can secure printed sheets to the board with magnets or write messages using dry-wipe pens. With dimensions of 732mm (H) x 1012mm (W), it can accommodate up to 8 x A4 posters.

Secure: your important information will remain safe and intact thanks to the lockable door with top quality barrel lock, supplied with 2 identical keys; while the 4mm toughened glass in the door ensures optimum safety and security.

Weatherproof: the strong aluminium frame is powder coated for extra durability and corrosion resistance. Silicone seals between the back panel and main frame and around the door ensure your information is protected from wind, rain and condensation.

Flexible: The door opens out 100°for quick and easy access to the contents, ideal for places where key information is updated regularly and quickly. Write up the daily restaurant menu, post up emergency procedures outside a public building or use it to attract customers with special offers as they pass.

Professional: with its high quality, smooth magnetic surface, the Nobo glazed whiteboard cleans easily when used with dry-wipe pens. It is stain resistant and leaves no ghost images, ensuring you communicate a clear, professional message every time.

Simple: the case is supplied pre-assembled and ready to install, complete with instructions, invisible wall bracket and fixings. The 3 year manufacturer’s warranty means you can purchase with total confidence.

Once installed, it takes just seconds to secure your notices and memos in place to create a tidy, eye-catching display.Nobo 1902579. Tuotteen leveys: 692 mm, Tuotteen korkeus: 972 mm, Tuotteen syvyys: 45 mm
Oikeaoppinen käyttöSisätila
Tuotteen väriHopea, Valkoinen
Kehyksen materiaaliAlumiini
Formaatti8 x A4
Oven tyyppiKääntyvä
Oven materiaaliLasi
Tuotteen leveys692 mm
Tuotteen korkeus972 mm
Tuotteen syvyys45 mm
Paino13,7 kg
Pakkauksen leveys732 mm
Pakkauksen korkeus1012 mm
Pakkauksen syvyys85 mm
Pakkauksen paino15,2 kg

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