DIGITUS Professional DIGITUS® Server Cabinet Unique Series - 800x1000 mm (WxD)

DN-19 SRV-42U-8-N-1


42U server cabinet, Unique series, 1970x800x1000 mm, perforated steel doors, color grey (RAL 7035)


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- Safety class rating IP20
- Front- and rear doors made out of 63% perforated steel
- Lock system with pivot lever on front- and rear door (ready for profile half cylinder)
- 230° door opening angle on front- and rear doors
- Double wing opening rear door
- Front door with 4-point locking and rear door with 3-point locking
- Horizontally separated side panels (two per side), lockable and detachable
- incl. 4 pieces of leveling feet and 4 pieces of castor, already pre-configured under the cabinet (front castor are lockable)
- 483 mm (19“) profile rails mounted on the front- and rear side inside of the cabinet, galvanized
- 483 mm (19“) profile rails are adjustable in depth and with height unit marking
- 1.5 mm strong steel sheet
- High frame rigidity due to special plate-curving-technique
- Built-in depth support bars for more stability
- Sliding cable entry with rubber sealing on the top and base
- Top and base with brushed cable entries left and right
- Special roof construction for fan unit, incl. perforated cover
- Rack is completely mounted
- Color: light grey, RAL 7035
- Load capacity: 1000 kg
- Units: 42
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 1970,800,1000 mm
- Cabinet type: Server cabinet
- Front door: Steel door, perforated
- Width: 800 mm
- Depth: 1000 mm

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