NEWSTAR Notebook Desk-Wall Mount



NewStar NOTEBOOK-D200 - Asennuspakkaus malleihin Kannettava tietokone (säädeltävä varsi) - hopea -näytön koko: 10″-17″ - pöytäasennus


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The NewStar notebook desk mount, model NOTEBOOK-D200 is a tilt- and swivel desk mount for notebooks up to 17”. This mount is a great choice for space saving placement on desks using a desk clamp. NewStar′s versatile tilt (60°) and swivel (360°) technology allows the mount to change to any viewing angle to fully benefit from the capabilities of the notebook. The mount is easily height adjustable from 0 to 42 centimetres using a gas spring. Depth adjustable from 0 to 60 centimetres. An innovative cable management conceals and routes cables from mount to notebook. Hide your cables to keep the workplace nice and tidy. NewStar NOTEBOOK-D200 has two pivot points and is suitable for notebooks up to 17″ (43 cm). The weight capacity of this product is 5 kg each notebook. The desk mount is suitable for most notebooks. By using an ergonomic mount neck- and back complaints can be avoided. Ideal for use in offices and on counters or in a reception area. All installation material is included with the product.

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